Docker isn’t virtualization

I was talking to a friend (let’s call him Jack) about Docker and what it could be used for, how the management platforms were cropping up, etc.  We were nattering on happily until I said:

If you are installing a complete and different operating system from the hosting system, you’re probably doing it wrong. –me

That’s where we started spinning our wheels.

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Microservices, microservices everywhere

At OSCON I got the opportunity to bend Steven Pousty’s (developer evangelist extrodinaire) ear about microservices during vert.x office hours.  He was good enough to let me ramble on and then give me some new things to think about.

The one thing I’ve not seen a satisfactory answer to is the scope of a microservice.  That is what makes it micro?  There’ve been objections to Fowler’s “business capabilities” as still too vague; he’s even written a “sizing” side bar commentary.  I’ve heard the “nothing new under the sun” folks claiming that this is folderol that’s been best practice since the dawn of programming.

I’m going to throw my hat in the ring with what may be a blend of the two positions.

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Wine tasting and ratings

I’m really liking the things I’m reading from Madeline Puckette at  Although she’s just pulled one of my favorite California regions out of obscurity into the ‘QPR’ limelight!  Today she posted one about ratings and what they mean to you.  I really like (and generally echo) everything she says here, but I usually expand on #1.  Not only do different critics have different sensibilities and opinions, so do you the drinker.

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Docker, docker everywhere

If I hadn’t been hearing enough about docker, OSCON was replete with docker.  Then I go two days of Dan Walsh on docker.  So I think I finally got it.  Docker that is.

Now let me be clear, at the $OLDDAYJOB I used Solaris zones to build dev / test environments at a fairly decent scale.  So I get containers qua containers, the missing bit was what docker brought to the table.  Turning to the internet was less than helpful because docker is in the midst of a massive hype cycle.  That, and research on the web is painful.

“Doing research on the Web is like using a library assembled piecemeal by pack rats and vandalized nightly.” – Roger Ebert

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Wine tasting by a geek

I’m a wine geek.  No getting around it.  I love the  fact  that it’s part art and part science, both in the making and the drinking.  Did you know there are over 200 flavor compounds in varietals?  Add food, and things get really interesting!

It’s also a great way to spend a weekend: driving through the mountains with friends, visiting with winemakers, tasting their wares,  finding a new gem.

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Rebuild, already…

Not that anyone may have noticed, but I’ve already had to rebuild (and repost) this site.  DNS masking and changing URLs in a hosted version of WP can make things permanently … wonky.  And FUBAR.

Glory be to OpenShift, I just pulled the old one down, recreated a new one in the same spot in about 2 mins.  It’s taken longer to put the posts back and get the links right.  So, if you actually read anything this week, it may be gone, it may be coming back, there may be many many odd things in its place.

Forewarned is forearmed.  (Yo, Joe).