Hello world!

Returning from OSCON ’14, I felt the need to start a personal web presence. The bog standard place in the maelstrom to post thoughts, snippets, ideas, questions, whathaveyou.

I’m not one for social media. I don’t Tweet, I don’t have a Facebook, I do use Google+ to share photos and links with a small group of friends and you can find me on Github.

I do have lots of little notebooks filled with scribblings and thoughts. Mainly Field Notes brand now, they are most excellent things. I probably spend as much time obsessing over notebooks and pens as most people do about their blogging platform and Twitter workflow.

Notebooks, notebooks everywhere
Part of the current stack, the Roswell notebook I acquired at the Balna.

There are things in the notebooks that I want to share, to get comments on, to put out in the wider world than The Stack. Thoughts that started as conversations at OSCON. Thoughts that happened on a train in Hungary. I do write articles for work, but these aren’t necessarily work related, nor articles. And when the platform doesn’t fit, re-invent it!

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