A professional goal – thanks to Dean Koontz

So far, 2014 has been a year of professional reflection.  But I just read a passage from False Memory by Dean Koontz that articulates the kind of professional I want to be known as.  I mean that literally, I barely finished the paragraph before heading to the computer.

Doc was that rare expert without arrogance, free of dogma, able to view a problem from a fresh perspective rather than through the lenses of preconception that often blinded others who claimed high expertise, humbled by an awareness of his weaknesses and his limitations.  –Dean Koontz, False Memory

I’m reading this at a point where, in my professional life, I’m feeling more like the Dread Pirate Roberts (Princess Bride, not Silk Road) talking to Wesley than Doc.

Does this mean I’ll put the snark and sarcastic wit on the shelf and sing kumbaya with the world?  No, but I will be more mindful about how I express myself, if I’m truly listening to respond or react, and if I’m falling into patterns instead of practicing the beginner’s mind.  I think I’ve got the weaknesses down pat, but maybe not the humbled part.

So, if by some odd chance you’re listening or ego-surfing or have an agent or agent’s intern who runs a sear alert on your name… thank you, Mr. Koontz.  I’m going to strive to get the Doc back in my professional carriage.