Troubleshooting Dockerfile builds with checkpoint containers

(This was originally published on Republished here with permission and some minor edits.)

The scene

I recently ran into some problems compiling code while building a docker image using a Dockerfile.  The compile process wasn’t working, so the failed make install was stopping the container image from being built.  There’s 3 ways I could have approached troubleshooting this failed build.

I used what I’m calling a checkpoint container to troubleshoot quickly and get back on track with the rest of the build process.
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Rebuild, already…

Not that anyone may have noticed, but I’ve already had to rebuild (and repost) this site.  DNS masking and changing URLs in a hosted version of WP can make things permanently … wonky.  And FUBAR.

Glory be to OpenShift, I just pulled the old one down, recreated a new one in the same spot in about 2 mins.  It’s taken longer to put the posts back and get the links right.  So, if you actually read anything this week, it may be gone, it may be coming back, there may be many many odd things in its place.

Forewarned is forearmed.  (Yo, Joe).